Whether you are wanting to sell or lease your property through Gagliardi Scott Real Estate, our agents and marketing team can develop a tailored campaign, within your budget, to encompass and deliver directly to buyers.


Method of Sale Options

We will firstly determine the most suitable method of sale for your property, each having their own advantages:

Our auctioneers are highly regarded within the area, with years of auctioning and real estate experience. Energetic and honed negotiators, they are renowned for maximising sale prices for clients.

Prior to auction day, our auctioneer will meet with you to discuss strategies and procedures for your auction. Gathering a vibrant crowd of qualified buyers that have enthusiasm and energy on the day is paramount to success.

We determine an asking price for your property (usually a ceiling or maximum price) and purchasers make offers or purchase your property.

Prospective purchasers are invited to submit a signed contract at their best price on or before a particular date. The highest tender is only accepted if you are satisfied with the price, terms and conditions. Negotiations may sometimes continue after tenders close.

No price indication is given in any advertising material. Discussions may take place with potential purchasers before details are provided or inspections arranged.

Digital Marketing

In a world dominated by digital presence, as a vendor, listing your property online is an easy decision. Using our property software system, your property is filtered through to www.gagliardiscott.com.au, www.realestate.com.au, www.domain.com.au and www.allhomes.com.au, getting instant exposure.

We are the ONLY real estate agency in the Goulburn Valley with the Top Spot feature. We appear at the top of the page when your suburb is searched, resulting in increased sale rates for our vendors. Click on the link to find out more about what that means for the sale of your property.

We effectively utilize the Feature listing with realestate.com, which means our listings are placed prominently in search results for your suburb. It includes direct links and information to the agent taking care of your sales and has proven results for our vendors.


We pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest in the Goulburn Valley with fresh branding and smart marketing. Effectively utilising four separate social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Twitter) to implement targeted campaign posts to connect with potential buyers, increasing exposure for your property, at no additional cost to yourselves.


Furthermore, to excel in exposing our listings digitally, we are the only agency in the area that has incorporated google search advertising into our umbrella branding campaign. Which means that we can drive “browsing traffic” through to Gagliardi Scott Real Estate, reaching potential buyers far and wide, as they browse the web for their next property, again at no additional cost to yourselves.


Exclusive to Gagliardi Scott Real Estate, our branding and website is advertised through varied mediums on the Shepparton News website, guaranteeing 20,000 advert impressions per month to a local engaged demographic. The content of the display campaigns can be tailored to your property, which you can discuss further with your agent.


High quality photography can be the important first impression a potential buyer has of your property. We have access to professional photographers or our experienced real estate agents can highlight the finer details of your property ensuring the images make an impact on digital platforms and in print marketing.


The rise of drone technology has shaped a new era of real estate marketing. Drones can capture unique low-level angles and elevated location shots of your property, allowing a buyer to visualise the property size and the surrounding area, eliminating the “drive by” that out of town buyers cannot do so easily.

Print Media


Newspapers are still a vital part of our media culture, and newspaper adverts is powerful exposure for the sale of your property.
We advertise in local newspapers; Shepparton News, Country News, Numurkah Leader and Cobram courier. And use our branding and an effective write ups and photos of your property to connect with the reader.


Depending on the type of property, we create eye catching brochures for window displays, open homes and to present to foot traffic enquiries in office. IM reports are of high quality for commercial sale and lease properties or land development sites, providing essential and well-presented information and imagery to buyers.


A Gagliardi Scott Real Estate signboard creates leads and is designed and executed of high quality. Using pivotal information and high-quality imagery of your property, as well as our eye-catching brand logo and colours, provides snapshot appeal to passers-by.