Thank you for considering renting through Gagliardi Scott Real Estate!

Are you interested in viewing one of our rental properties?If so, click the “Contact agent” button on the relevant property to register your interest.
You will be contacted by our property management team with an Open for Inspection date and time.
You will then be required to notify our office as to whether you will be attending, or if someone will be attending on your behalf.
Alternatively, you are welcome to come in office to fill a form out and it will be passed on to our team.

Our application process:

  • Attend a group open for inspection (if you are applying from out of area, this will be taken into consideration and discretion may be used for an individual inspection).
  • Collect an application at the Open for inspection, complete accurately with 100 points of identification and return it to our office for consideration.
  • Please note** You are required to provide 1 example per type of identification from the following list only:
    Photo ID: Driver’s license / Passport

    Last 4 payslips / Centrelink income statement

    Current 3 month bank statement

    Written reference from current landlord

    Last 4 rent receipts / current rental ledger

    Rates notice

    Copy of Medicare card

    Concession / Pension card

    Utility Bill


    30 points

    30 points

    20 points

    20 points

    20 points

    20 points

    10 points

    10 points

    10 points

If successful, you will be required to pay 4 weeks rent upfront as well as a bond, which is calculated as follows:

Bond = weekly rent amount x 52 (weeks of the year) divided by 12 (calendar month)

For example: $200 x 52 / 12 = $866 (rounded down to the nearest dollar)


During your tenancy:

Regular routine inspections are undertaken by your Property Manager once you have resided at the property for three months, and then every six months thereafter. The objective of these inspections is to ensure the property is cared for to a satisfactory standard, but also provides the opportunity for you, the tenant, to ascertain any maintenance concerns you may have with your property manager. You will be sent a letter and email approx. 14 days prior to your inspection advising of the date and time (please note: it will be a time frame, e.g. 9 – 11am).

Things for the tenant to consider throughout your tenancy may include:

  • Cleaning and tidying the property
  • Routine cleaning (e.g. dusting, sweeping/vacuuming and cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces)
  • Removing any mould from surfaces
  • Lawn mowing and gardening
  • Tidying up outside areas (e.g. decks, patios)

Following each inspection, a written report will be mailed to you and the Landlord, for your records.
Our Property Managers are friendly and approachable, so please be aware they are open to discuss any concerns you may have throughout your tenancy.

Renting a home a guide for tenants

Our vacating process:

If you would like to vacate the property you are renting please download and fill out the “Notice to Vacate” form below and send to either or

Download Notice To Vacate

On your vacating date, you must:

  • Provide your carpet cleaning receipt
  • Return all keys provided to you upon signing of the lease
  • Pay your rent in full to the vacate date
  • Please ensure that your power remains connected until your carpets are cleaned


Please see below our recommended tradespeople to assist you with vacating:

 Cleaners: Super hope Cleaning
0417 206 322
Jannette Garner
0401 306 444
 Carpet cleaning: Clean Smart
Vince Lagudi
0419 506 371
 Gardeners: K&M Gardening Services
Kieron & Melissa
0409 731 367
Nathan Wiggins Landscaping
0417 508 334


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